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Guano Disinfectant and Removers

PX Ornikill Avian Disinfectant Concentrate
PX Ornikill Avian Disinfectant Concentrate
  • Supplied in 1 litre and 5 litre bottles
  • Specially formulated disinfectant for safely clearing bird faeces
  • Manufactured in the UK. Quantity discounts on 5L variant available see below
  • 5L X 4 = 71.45 ea., 5L X 8 = 67.65 ea.
  • Dilutes 1:50 in tap water. PX Ornikill 1L makes 50L, PX Ornikill 5L makes 250L
  • Contains Chlorhexidine (3% w/w) and QAC (7.5% w/w)
More Information
PX Ornikill Avian Disinfectant - 1 Litre Concentrate (Makes 50L Diluted) (GC079-1)18.17Litre ex.VAT
PX Ornikill Avian Disinfectant - 5 Litre Concentrate (Makes 250L Diluted) (GC079-5)85.475 Litres ex.VAT
Guanaway Avian Disinfectant Cleaner
Guanaway Avian Disinfectant Cleaner
  • Powerful alkaline cleaner / degreaser neutralises acidic by-products associated with bird droppings
  • Guanaway passes BS6471 against E-coli
  • Reduces the risk of inhaling dangerous microorganisms
  • Supplied in 750ml ready to use spray bottle or a 5L concentrate
  • Contains Didecyldimethylammonium Chloride
  • 750ml Quantity Discounts 5+ 12.17 10+ 11.53
More Information
Guanaway 750ml (GC101-750)11.31750ml ex.VAT
Guanaway 5 Litre Concentrate (GC101-5)62.77Each ex.VAT
Marine Bird Muck Remover
Marine Bird Muck Remover
  • Ideal for boat covers and GRP boat hulls
  • Eco friendly, bio-degradable and safe to use
  • Available in 500ml trigger spray or 5-litre jerry can
  • Simply spray on and leave for a few minutes, then rinse off
  • Marine Bird Muck Remover is a detergent and NOT a disinfectant
More Information
Marine Bird Muck Remover 500ml Trigger Spray (GC099-500)7.45500ml ex.VAT
Marine Bird Muck Remover 5-Litre Jerry Can (GC099-5)32.795 Litres ex.VAT
Digrain Disinfectant Concentrates
Digrain Disinfectant Concentrates
  • Disinfectant concentrate available in two forms Digrain Mint & Digrain Clean
  • Digrain Clean - Public health disinfectant. Quarterny ammoniums
  • Digrain Mint - Bacteriacide & fungicide with added deodorising ingredient
  • Dosage: Clean 0.5% in water
  • Dosage: Mint 1% in water to fight bacteria
  • Dosage: Mint 5% in water to fight fungi
More Information
Digrain Mint Disinfectant Concentrate (Makes 500 Litres) (DI001)104.125 Litres ex.VAT
Digrain Clean Disinfectant Concentrate (Makes 1000 litres) (DI002)19.095 Litres ex.VAT
O Dose Odour Neutraliser (makes 250 litres)
O Dose Odour Neutraliser  (makes 250 litres)
  • Commercial grade odour control sachets
  • Extremely effective odour neutraliser
  • Simply use one sachet into 5 litres of water and treat area needed
  • Will neutralise all types of odours in pest control, agriculture, public health and waste management
  • Ideal for use in rodent control and bird control clearance work

Quantity Discounts

5 +  68.4810 +  64.87
More Information
O Dose Odour Neutraliser (makes 250 litres) (DI003)72.0850 Pack ex.VAT