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Pheasant Netting 40mm

Our 40mm mesh HDPE knotted nets are ideal for use in erecting game bird flight pens, used for rearing pheasant, grouse partridge and quail and other game birds chicks to fledglings

Our nets are manufactured from knotted polyethylene which does not absorb water, does not stretch and will not degrade for over 10-years making them a cost effective investment for large breeding pens.

40mm is the optimal mesh size to prevent escape and to prevent pest ingress by foxes and birds of prey.

Bird Netting Installation Guide
Click Here for a step-by-step guide on how to install bird control netting

Pheasant Netting 40mm Black
Pheasant Netting 40mm Black
  • Manufactured from knotted black polyethylene
  • Does not absorb water, so does not stretch and is chemically inert.
  • UV light stabilised for use in direct sunlight all over the globe
  • Ideal for use in game bird breeding flight pens
More Information
Cut To Size Pheasant Netting 40mm Black (N40B)   Width m x Length m0.76Sq Mtr ex.VAT
Pheasant Netting 5m x 5m - Black (N40B-5x5)16.49Each ex.VAT
Pheasant Netting 5m x 10m - Black (N40B-5x10)32.98Each ex.VAT
Pheasant Netting 10m x 10m - Black (N40B-10x10)65.96Each ex.VAT
Pheasant Netting 10m x 15m - Black (N40B-10x15)98.94Each ex.VAT
Pheasant Netting 20m x 20m - Black (N40B-20x20)263.83Each ex.VAT